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Reason for Applying?
Pet Information
Have you owned an Italian Greyhound?
Are your dogs...Mark all that apply
My dogs stay:
Are all of your other pets current on appropriate vetting?
Have you ever bred any animal?
Past Experience with Shelters/Rescues
Have you ever given a pet away or surrendered to a rescue or shelter?
Have you been a member of, or volunteered for, any rescue group or breed clubs
Living Situation
Which best describes your living situation?
What type of home do you live in?
Would you consider?
Moving somewhere that does not allow pets?
Using chemicals in areas of the yard your dog is allowed in?
Letting your dog run free in an area without a secure fence?
Do you have a pool?
Do you have a dog door?
Is this dog a surprise gift?
Will children be responsible for the care of the dog?
Do children under 12 regularly visit your home?
Does anyone in the home have allergies?
Are dogs allowed on the furniture?
Crate and Training
Do you know how to use a Martingale Collar?
Do you plan on attending classes or activities with your rescue dog?
Ways to Volunteer
Below are options of ways you could possibly help our rescue
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Preference of Italian Greyhounds
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Color Preference:
Size Preference (select all that apply):
Would you consider something other than your stated preference?
Would you consider a dog requiring medications (for example - insulin or phenobarbital for seizures)?
Would you consider a dog with special needs (for example- deaf, blind, or mobility (movement) issues?
Would you consider a dog that needs extra time to adjust or is very shy?
Would you consider adopting or fostering a pair of dogs (at the same time or within a short period)?
Would you consider a dog that requires extra behavioral work?
Please provide personal references - not a member of your family or household
Submission of this application is enabled after you indicate that you have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions as indicated by checking each of the items which will appear below. By doing so, you affi rm that all information provided is accurate and you agree to all the terms herein.
I am prepared to provide financially for a new dog, including preventative and emergency vet care, food, toys and other supplies. Volunteer foster homes will be reimbursed for vet care that is pre-approved by rescue. Some other supplies and/or equipment may be provided as available.
I certify that I am at least 18 years of age
I certify that everyone in the household where a rescue dog will reside is aware of my application and agrees to getting a new dog.
I will make my IGCA representative aware of any foreseeable significant changes that could potentially impact the dogs in my home. These including but are not limited to the potential for having children, multiple moves, or changes in financial circumstances.
I certify that a volunteer may come inspect my home prior to adoption.
I understand an Italian Greyhound can live up to 20 years. I am committed to keeping any dog I adopt through IGCA Rescue for the life of the dog.
I understand that as a condition of adoption or fostering I must agree to the following in regards to any dog placed in my home through IGCA Rescue
To never allow the dog off lead in an area that is not securely fenced.
To treat the dog as a part of the family, where it will spend it's time indoors.
To give the the routine medical care it requires, including vaccinations as recommended by your vet, heartworm preventative, dentals.
To maintain licensing for my owned dogs as required in my community.
I understand that IGCA Rescue reserves the right to repossess the rescue dog at any time should any portion of this contract be breached or if it is determined the rescue dog is abused or neglected in any way.